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Online Experience

Duration :

1 hour

Presented by : 

Friends in Bali team


  • Online activity with interactive video streaming, can be done from home

  • Authentic activities

  • Fun for kids

  • Cultural informative



We will have fun with coconut leaf! We will teach you to make various handcraft out of coconut leaf including our daily offering in Bali. If you could not get coconut leaf, palm leaf or even decoration tape can do. It is also a suitable activities do with kids as we make different shapes of handcraft including animals ect. on the other hand we will be having informative conversation about Balinese Hindu tradition and how importance coconut tree is for us in Bali how importance coconut tree is for us in Bali which is often called the Tree of Life because its functionality from the root up to the top.

Friends in Bali team

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