Do you plan to visit Bali but it has to be cancelled? Are you missing your friends in Bali whom you plan to visit this year?


This COVID 19 Pandemic is indeed a challenging time for all of us. It has force us to stay home, cancel our travel plan, postpone our celebrations and more. In Bali wise people always say that everything happens for a good reason, let's try to stay positive and optimistic during this time of crisis. 

Since the Indonesian government decided to close the border, we had no more chance to take travelers to explore our island and introduce our unique culture. The enjoyment of hosting and having fun with worldwide friends has been missing from our daily life since then. But when a friend of us from Australia suggested us to conduct an online interactive activities about Bali, we were so eager to make it real. 

On this Online Experience, we have prepared several activities related to Balinese culture from Balinese dishes home cooking to making handcraft and Balinese offerings activities. We will conduct live video streaming and all participants can interact each other using online meeting app on mobile or desktop. For anyone who had your Bali trip cancel due to the pandemic or anyone missing the taste of Nasi Goreng in a small Warung in Ubud, this is a great way to heal your Bali-sickness :D

There are only few options of activities available at the moment but we are in progress to add more varieties of experiences. If you have any suggestions or request please freely let us know.


The pandemic has stopped people to travel which means a freeze for tourism industry. Bali economy is 85% dependent  to tourism industry. It causes many people loosing their sources of income, hotels & restaurant employees are sent home, food suppliers has no orders, drivers stop taking people for sightseeing and more.

We decided to dedicate portions of this Online Experience revenue  to support families in need. 2$ of every purchase on this Online Experience will be used to provide basic food supplies such as rice, eggs and noodles for family who are economically having direct impact by this COVID 19 pandemic.


We will have fun with coconut leaf! We will teach you to make various handcraft out of coconut leaf including our daily offering in Bali. If you could not get coconut leaf, palm leaf or even decoration tape can do. It is also a suitable activities do with kids as we make different shapes of handcraft including animals ect. on the other hand we will be having informative conversation about Balinese Hindu tradition and how importance coconut tree is for us in Bali how importance coconut tree is for us in Bali which is often called the Tree of Life because its functionality from the root up to the top.This Online Experience last for 1 hour.





On this approximately 1 hour cooking session we will explore Balinese rich spices and make one of most popular dish in Bali; Satay. You must have tasted it but here we will share our family recipes and make the best Satay ever! It is not just a cooking demo, but you can do this experience while cooking by yourself and we will be pleased to tell you the step by step until your Satay ready to be serve for the whole family. Three different Satay that we will make are Satay Ayam (Chicken Satay with peanut sauce), Satay Babi (Balinese Pork Satay marinated by spices) and Satay Lilit (Balinese minced Fish Satay).


This Indonesia soup has been favorites of many travelers who have been to Indonesia and Bali in specific. Soto Ayam is chicken soup with turmeric spices, its clear soup consist of chicken meat, glass noodles, cabbage and more. Yet it is extremely delicious, Soto Ayam is very simple and easy to make. It takes 45 minutes for this Online Experience.




Been exercising alone at home for weeks due to the quarantine time? This Surya Namaskar Yoga session   is best to keep your mind and soul fit and stay positive during this Pandemic. On this one hour Yoga session we will practice one of the basic Yoga style where certainly fit for everybody's skill. Started my Prana Meditation to practice the breathing technique, followed by stretching session from sitting to standing position. The Surya Namaskar will be practice for two rounds ended by relaxation session. No need to worry if you never did Yoga before, the instructor will actively communicate with all participants and happily give instruction on how to do.





suitable FOR BEGINnERS





Wonder how Balinese girls practice those beautiful movements during Balinese dance performance? On this Online Experience you will participate our girls practicing Balinese dance at our compound through online streaming. You can freely join to practice and we will patiently guide you some basic movements. There will be so much fun as some movement might seem like yoga sessions but once they're combined they will be a unique Balinese dance. Perfect activity to do with your kiddo as well. This experience last for approximately 1 hour.




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