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Online Experience

Duration :

1 hour

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  • Online activity with interactive video streaming, can be done from home

  • Fun for children

  • Cultural informative



We will explore the local Balinese tradition through one of the most classic and most important performance called Wayang or the shadow puppets. Renowned for its elaborate puppets and complex musical styles, this ancient form of storytelling originated on the Indonesian island of Java back few centuries ago and spread out all over Indonesia including Bali where this performance is become part of the Island's tradition


In Bali, Although the story performed is mostly ancient Hindus epic such as Mahabarata or Ramayana,  this Wayang performance, especially Wayang Kulit which is made of leather, is still one of people's entertainment favorite with its nowadays jokes that are inserted by the puppeteers during the show. On this Online Experience we will create Wayang characters with simple tools; paper, water colors, scissors ect. While the host will share some Balinese philosophy that is often implicit on this Wayang culture. This Experience is perfect to do with children for fun and educative activity as the same time.

Professional Tour Guide
& Balinese Art Enthusiast

Why He's Great >

Wayan Friends in Bali.JPG

Balinese Art especially traditional painting is Wayan's passion since he was in Elementary School. Despite he was born and raised in Bali, through traditional painting he understand history and philosophy of Balinese Hindu which he share to travelers during his work as Professional Tour Guide. His fun and humble personality will help travelers discover the true of Balinese hospitality.

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