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"Discover the Hidden beauty of Bali island with its Rice Paddies, Tropical Farms, Villages and the unique culture of the people "

"Om Swastiastu" This website is proudly published for our beloved friends all over the world who had spent wonderful times with us in our lovely island of Bali to stay in touch with us. Also for all of our future friends who have a plan to visit Bali near the future to ask any information about our Island of God. We are ready to help all of you to find the best way of exploring Bali, answer any questions, recommend directions, plan your upcoming trips, things to do or even just to know the updated weather here in Bali.


We, Four of us, were born in a little village located in the center of this beautiful Island. We have been working to serve our guests, who finally became our good friends, for years as a tour driver, cycling organizer, Ricefield & village trekking guide and hotel employee. We love making friends as well as love to share the beauty of our island with its wonderful nature and rich culture. Contact us to know about us and be our friend.


A portion of your purchased tour will facilitate a charity program to one of local elementary school, SD 6 Manukaya, in the village of Tampaksiring. We will provide some school equipment and will be donated during the trip.


We invite you to participate on FrendsinBali's school charity. Visit local elementary school and donate any unused stuffs that may be useful for supporting the kids in their school activities. It could be your childhood tale book, drawing pencils, an english learning book,  an old-dated backpack or anything.

On two wheels, we will take you to the hidden part of Bali that you’d never be able to find on your own! Our passion for sharing our island's beauty is well tailored to biking tour itineraries, either to insert cultural activities or just to enjoy fun biking adventure.




If you love Balinese culture, Pakerisan Watershed which is listed as one of UNESCO heritage sites is a perfect place to explore. We will take you on an informative walking tour and witness purification in sacred holy spring, Tirta Empul temple.




Escape in Bali is a distinguished unique eco stay hidden in the jungle of Tampaksiring a village with spiritual ambiance & ancient Balinese mythology. A perfect hideaway for all adventurous travelers, nature lovers, spiritual-minded people, backpackers, artists, long-time travelers & eco-enthusiast to have their like-no-others Bali experience. It is truly live up the concept of back-to-nature, surrounded by nature, trees and birds sang while human activities can be heard wistfully from distance.




About Us


“FriendsinBali” is a small local found company specializes in organizing cycling and trekking trips based in village of Tampaksiring. Like no other company, FriendinBali was established to fully support the local young talented Balinese.... read more

Bali Downhill Cultural

Cycling Tours

The island of Bali is a place that begs to be explored on 2 wheels. Embark on a bicycle tour that takes you from Kintamani to Ubud, making stops along the way at a rural school for charity, coffee plantation, traditional priest compound, and places to eat delicious local fare. More than a cycling work out, it is cultural exploration.... find out more

Bali UNESCO Sites

Cultural Walk Tours

Enhance your experience of the Pakerisan River shed, explore the UNESCO-listed site and visit landmarks like the Tirta Empul holy spring and the Gunung Kawi temples. On this cultural journey, you’ll visit a local school, partake in a purification bath and gain valuable insight into the local culture. Relish personalized attention.... find out more

Bali Hidden Bike

Cycling Tours

No matter you are biker or no, you will just love it!  A perfect combination of adventure and fun day out. You will see Bali in a very different point of view. Push the bike from Kintamani hilly area through villages, farms and rice fields.... find out more



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