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“FriendsinBali” is a small local found company specializes in organizing cycling and trekking trips for traveler based in the village of Tampaksiring. Like no other company, FriendinBali was established to fully support the local young talented Balinese to get a better living. We often learned that due to economic challenge these days, much talent had been kept undeveloped especially young unschooled people in villages where the chance of working is quite limited. In FriendsinBali we encourage them to keep their spirit up, keep learning to get a better earning for their family. We taught them English and Customer Service, then let them guide the guest on cycling or trekking trip where they can genuinely share information about Bali and their culture as Balinese.


We also had started our little foundation “FriendsinBali Charity” where we always allocated funds from guest expenses to provide some school equipment to be donated especially for Elementary school student. Guests are always recommended to join by donating any unused kinds of stuff that probably can be useful for the children during the Cycling or Trekking trip. By joining us, you had shown your kindness and contribution in helping Balinese.


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